The new website feature: ‘Personal Impressions’.

When the new FBN website is unveiled later this year you will notice that each of our investigation briefs will feature the personal experiences and impressions of some of the investigators present at the location in either text or video … Continue reading

FBN and the ‘Spirit Orb’.

“Where do you stand on the ‘orb’ question?” The easy answer is that orbs appearing in photographs are dust particles or small water droplets that have managed to insert themselves into your pictures – the particle that seems to be … Continue reading

Villisca is coming!!

We announced on the FBN Facebook page last week that we were partnering with the great folks from Audio Nation Radio ( to explore the infamous J.B. Moore House in Villisca, Iowa on Tuesday, May 28th . If you are not … Continue reading

Researching a house’s history: Part II, Understanding the Information

*This is  part two of a two part article   After visiting the courthouse, but before you start looking up the owners on a genealogy website, you need to understand the information you just pulled from the deed books. *Grantor – … Continue reading

Researching a house’s history: Part I, Pulling Information from a Courthouse

*This is part one of a two part article. The county courthouse is the best resource to start an investigation into the history of a house.  Since everyone pays property taxes (or are supposed to), local governments like to keep … Continue reading

Paranormal Data Review

Many people tell me how much they would love to go on an investigation with FBN. many of these folks are friends of mine, and I politely dismiss their indirect request for an invitation. You see, to most folks on … Continue reading

…And summer is supposed to be an ‘off season’!!

The FBN Team has unfortunately been neglecting our blog commitments for the last few months – one of the downfalls of being so incredibly busy! Since the beginning of June, the team has investigated 5 locations and we have be … Continue reading

Ghostly Encounters: In our own words #1. Katrina’s Story

Do you believe in..? Have you had those moments when you saw something in the corner of your perception, heard the knocks in the night, or gotten those chilly goose-bumps with no explanations? Try this one on for size: How … Continue reading


I think most people who have found the path to our blog have viewed a “Paranormal” show on television.  My observance is that these shows take one of two basic themes – they are either “Scientific” or “Mystical”.  This posting … Continue reading

ghost school dropout…

Okay, admittedly, I never enrolled in a ‘ghost-school’. Though I have have certainly had plenty of opportunities. Classes in paranormal investigation are popping up in every corner of the internet – some of them offering an investigation experience and some equipment … Continue reading